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Tutti-Frutti Popcorn

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I love popcorn, and when it comes to spicing up a game-day snack, this is my go to.

How are you Popping Your Popcorn?

As a Christmas gift last year, I got a bright blue airpopper, so that it my popper of choice. It makes it a little tough for the seasoning to stick, but I'll discuss how to help with that in the recipe. Obviously this recipe works for all different varieties of popcorn, just try to stay away from popcorn that is already seasoned.

What makes this Popcorn Special?

The secret ingredient here is freeze-dried berries. They are one of my favorites because they pack so much flavor. I'm using freeze-dried strawberries, but this will work with any freeze-dried fruit (especially with a mixed berry pack).

What are Freeze-Dried Strawberries?

Freeze-dried strawberries are essentially strawberry slices that have been in the freezer until they lose their moisture. This allows them to have a long shelf life, but also be super concentrated in strawberry flavor. Your local grocery store might have them as a snack–they are tasty on their own, or in granola and trail mix.


Dietary Information

This recipe is vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.


Tutti-Frutti Popcorn


- 4 cups unseasoned popcorn

- 1/2 cup freeze-dried fruit, I'm using strawberries


  1. If you are popping your corn yourself (especially on the stovetop), I recommend adding a tad more vegetable oil. This will help the berries stick.

  2. Place your 1/2 cup freeze-dried berries in a plastic bag, and crush them with a wooden spoon or rolling pin until they become dust. Place your popcorn into a large mixing bowl with a lid, or individual paper bags.

  3. Place half of your crushed berries at the bottom of your bag or bowl, then drizzle the rest on top. Shake as hard as you can, distributing the seasoning over all the popcorn.

  4. Tip: if you are using air popped or store bought popcorn, I recommend mixing the berries with 1 tbsp of oil to form a paste, then mixing that way. It will ensure the berries stick to the popcorn.

  5. Eat while watching your favorite team!

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