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Peppermint Brownie Energy Bites

One of my favorite pre-practice snacks: full of natural energy and nutrients! And it tastes good!

What are the ingredients?


They are truly a superfood. Full of natural sugars, dates are an awesome source of energy. They are so meaty and also a great binding energy

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is high in fat and protein, and helps keep you full. Another binding agent in these energy bites, but the peanut flavor doesn't interfere with the chocolate and peppermint.


Nuts are high in fiber, fat and protein which will also help keep you fuller for longer and provide energy! These can be subbed for other raw nuts but I find that almonds are the most neutral.


Also high in fiber, oats are an awesome natural energy source!

Chocolate and Peppermint

I am using leftover candy canes but adding a drop of peppermint extract also works here if you are really looking for a peppermint kick. I use cocoa powder to add chocolatey flavor without making it too sweet. Mixing in mini chocolate chips completes the "brownie" part of these energy bites.

Dietary Information

This recipe is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.


Peppermint Brownie Energy Bites

Makes 12 bites

20 minutes


- 10 medjool dates, pitted

- 1/2 cup raw almonds

- 1/3 cup rolled oats

- 1/4 cup peanut butter

- 2 heaping tbsp cocoa powder

- 1 tbsp maple syrup (if necessary)

- 1/3 mini chocolate chips

- 2 candy canes crushed


  1. Add 10 medjool dates, 1/2 cup raw almonds, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup peanut butter, and 2 heaping tbsp cocoa powder to the bowl of a food processor. Process for 2 minutes until a meal is formed. The oils from the nuts and peanut butter will make it easier to form the energy bites. When the mix is pressed between your fingers, it should resemble wet sand.

  2. Pour into a large mixing bowl and mix in 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips and 2 crushed candy canes. If the mixture isn't sticking nicely, add in 1 tbsp maple syrup.

  3. To form balls, squeeze 1 tbsp mixture between your hands, then roll into meatballs. For best results, refrigerate at least 30 minutes. This makes them a little fudgier :)

  4. Pack for before practice or enjoy anytime!

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